High Quality IP Cameras, NVR's and 64 Channel Server

Retail & IoT

LG Innotek has launched the most innovative product that will transform the retail industry. It will not only be very cost effective for the businesses but it will positively enhance the shopping experience of your customers.

Your customers do not appreciate losing valuable time searching and looking for that one product but rather use your interactive app that will guide your customer in your store and bring him or her right to where they need to be. To top it even more they can scan the product with their own phone and immediately know the amount of items and total price they have in their shopping cart before even getting to the check out cashier...

The merchant does not have to deploy his staff anymore to go change price tags of products that constantly fluctuate but can do this by integrating their POS with our system and change the pricing on the price tags the wirelessly connect with the platform deployed in their store. 

Do you want to know more, please download the presentation and as soon as you see for yourself contact us and we will gladly have one of our consultants get in contact with you to provide you a complete presentation and explanation on how it will work for your business. 



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